About Our Firm

"Hi! I'm Chris Cuadros, president of Crossroads Tax Advisors. My mission is to help you get the most out of your practice with solid accounting processes & procedures as well as maximizing the tax benefits allowed. This can be achieved a number of different ways, but it must start with great accounting processes. Just as great oral hygiene must start with daily habits, great accounting must start with your daily and weekly processes."

Are you making daily deposits of patient collections? Are you using bookkeeping software? Are you printing checks from this software versus handwriting checks? Are you comparing bank deposits to collections reported from your practice management software? Are you closing books monthly? If the answer is no to any of these questions, you need to seriously consider changing your processes.

Great accounting is the foundation to great practice management advice. No one (CPA or practice consultant) can make impactful changes to your practice if the financials are not accurate & timely prepared on a monthly basis. Do you know your overhead percentage? If not, that is a big deal! You cannot reduce your overhead without first figuring out where the money is going.

About our Founder

Chris Cuadros was born & raised in Louisville, Kentucky, moving to Indianapolis after graduating from Hanover College in 1999. He got his Masters in Accounting from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University while starting his career at Simon Property Group. He began working with dentists & doctors in 2008 when Crossroads Tax Advisors was first launched.

He & his wife, Samantha, have three children, Anthony, Matthew, & Caroline, which keep them busy in sports on the weekends. When Chris is not coaching on his childrens’ sports teams, you can find him training for a running event (mini-marathon or marathon) or a triathlon (no Ironman yet)….or at a local winery.